The applicant research team participating in the project consists of members of the Department of Robotics and Manufacturing Systems Automation, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Project leader is professor Bojan Jerbić, PhD.

The project leader is the Chair of Manufacturing and assembly systems planning, which is part of the Department of Robotics and Manufacturing Systems Automation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. Scientific work of the Chair is trying to respond to rapid technological development, which is influenced by contemporary social, scientific, economic, market and economic factors. As such, it encourages shortening of the production time, increasing the quality and lowering the cost of product development. The basis of all modern engineering and manufacturing activities, including the activities of the Chair, is the integration of information and knowledge, simulation and analysis of virtual product and production as well as the object approaches and artificial intelligence approaches. The computer as a tool, in conjunction with the corresponding basic, professional, and general ("non-technical") knowledge, represents an irreplaceable tool and therefore, as an integrated technology, weaves through most of the teaching content lectured at the Chair.


  • Professor Bojan Jerbić, Ph.D.
  • Professor Gojko Nikolić, Ph.D.
  • Professor Mladen Crneković, Ph.D.
  • Filip Šuligoj, MSc. ing. mech.
  • Bojan Šekoranja, Ph.D.,
  • Marko Švaco, Ph.D.,
  • Assistant Professor Petar Ćurković, Ph.D.
  • Tomislav Stipančić, Ph.D.,
  • Josip Vidaković, MSc. ing. mech.,
  • Saša Kovačić, MSc. ing. mech.,
  • Irena Slunjski, BSc. iur.

SD Informatika

The company S.D. Informatics Ltd. was established in 1995. Initial activity of the company was focused on the development of software solutions in health care. Untill now, this is the main driver of the company. In 2013, the company receives "R&D" status for their projects by the decision of the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports.
SD Informatika has human capacities and infrastructure necessary, along with the unique expertise required, to pursue this project. This is proven through similar independent projects in collaboration with other higher education institutions, (FP7, BICRO). A part of company’s task is the development of application software systems: the central application, user interface, applications for pre-operative planning and virtualization.
SD Informatika has adopted a long-term and medium-term business strategy that guarantees the continuation of development activities in the field of systems with applications in medicine and health care.


  • Siniša Drobnjak,
  • Domagoj Materni,
  • Mišela Šmit,
  • Tomo Stjepović.

Clinical Hospital Dubrava (Department of Neurosurgery)

By its construction and infrastructure is the leading hospital in the country. It is at the same time the most recent clinical hospital to provide classes for students of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology, and the School of Health Studies of the University of Zagreb. Given the complexity of diagnostic procedures and operations (case mix index), Dubrava is one of the leading hospitals of national importance. Clinical Hospital Dubrava plays a key role in the health care of the population of Zagreb, Zagreb County and northeastern Croatian region, and regular provision of highly differentiated diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and patients from other regional centers in Croatia. Under the provisions of the Statute of the Clinical Hospital Dubrava, which received the approval of the Croatian Government, excellent health care, teaching and research work is to be performed in the Hospital. At the Department of Neurosurgery eleven medical doctors are employed (seven neurosurgery specialists and four neurosurgery residents). The RONNA project members of the Department of Neurosurgery will be involved in activities related to the clinical evaluation of the system.


  • Professor Darko Chudy, Ph.D. MD., neurosurgery specialist,
  • Domagoj Dlaka, MD., neurosurgery specialist,
  • Fadi Almahariq,, neurosurgery resident,
  • Dominik Romić,, neurosurgery resident,
  • Vladimira Vuletić, Ph.D., neurology specialist.

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.